CHTM Has Hired Two New Faculty

September 10, 2019

CHTM is pleased to announce that two new faculty have been hired. We are excited to announce that Dr. Tara Drake, from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), and Dr. Tito Busani, former Associate Research Professor and Nanofab Manager at the University of New Mexico, have started as Assistant Professors at UNM. 

Dr. Drake is an Associate Professor at Physics and Astronomy and Dr. Busani is an Associate Professor at Electrical and Computer Engineering.

CHTM's Director, Dr. Arash Mafi says, "CHTM welcomes the addition of two world-class scientists to its roster of faculty members. Professors Drake and Busani will add new dimensions to our research portfolio and will continue the tradition of excellence in education and research at CHTM."

We are excited to see what Dr. Drake and Dr. Busani can accomplish at UNM and CHTM. Congratulations and welcome!