Research Groups

Investigator's Name

# of Labs

Descriptive Lab Title

Brueck, Steve 3 Nanoscale lithography and nanofabrication
Hayat, Majeed 1 in HBF RF and SAR imaging and vibrometry laboratory
Lester, Luke 2 High frequency and ultrafast optoelectronics, III-V semiconductor devices
Krishna, Sanjay 3 + 1 in TCC Nanoscale materials and quantum engineered detectors for mid-infrared detection
Balakrishna, Ganesh 3 Novel semiconductor material development for mid-Infrared lasers
Jain, Ravi 1 Fiber Lasers, nonlinear optics, plasmonic nanostructures, and mid-IR microresonator devices
Osinski, Marek 2 Synthesis/characterization of colloidal nanoparticles and integrated optoelectronics
Malloy, Kevin 2 Electrical and nanoscale optical characterization
Diels, Claude Jean 2 Sensors Intracavity Phase Interferometry with novel frequency combs and High power laser-matter interaction, filaments in air, and laser-induced discharge and spectroscopy.
Feezell, Daniel CGF Epitaxial growth, advanced fabrication, and characterization of III-nitride electronic and photonic devices
Habteyes, Terefe 1 Nano-optics lab at CHTM.
Han, Sang 1 Group IV semiconductor growth and surface engineering beyond the frontier of surface science
Hossein-Zadeh, Mani 1 Design and characterization of photonic and  RF-photonic devices and systems based on high-Q optical and optomechanical resonance
Koch, Steven 1 Experimental biophysics
CHTM 1 Scanning electron microscopy
Brueck, Steve 1 Excimer Laser Lab., 193 nm and 248 nm sources