Graduate Education

CHTM draws faculty and students from the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry, and Chemical and Nuclear Engineering. Students are employed as research assistants under the supervision of a faculty member.

Typical stages in the education of a graduate student are:

  • Initial Years (1-2): Concentrate on course work; familiarization with Center research programs/researchers; select faculty research advisor and general area of research.
  • Middle years (2-4): Finish course work; concentrate on and take qualifier examination; learn and develop "research tools"
  • Final Years (3-6): Concentrate on dissertation topic; continue to polish research skills working in a tutor/mentor-like environment with Faculty Advisor

In addition, students gain valuable communication skills and the opportunity for professional development through:

  • Participation at technical conferences by presenting research results as oral and/or poster papers
  • Participation in both agency and industrial review meetings, where graduate students are often required to present research results
  • Internships in industry or government laboratories