CHTM is a nationally recognized center for photonics and microelectronics research and over 80% of our annual research budget of approximately $7M is funded by external research contracts.

This strong funding record has allowed CHTM to furnish its facilities with modern equipment and to maintain a focus on leading-edge research topics that are relevant to government and industry.

End-to-End-Integration Model

  • CHTM offers world class research capabilities, where, for example, a novel semiconductor device can be designed, fabricated and evaluated completely in-house (see End to End  Integration graphic above).
  • This fertile research environment provides a superb educational opportunity for graduate students, allowing them to gain an in-depth experience of their research topic. In addition they have the opportunity to interact with peer groups and to establish a professional network though conference and meeting presentations. This experience gives graduating students a competitive "edge" as they enter the job market.
  • CHTM's active research and education role also promotes economic development in New Mexico. There are now several spin-off businesses that have grown from research projects at CHTM and the "hi-tech" environment that CHTM is part of and is promoting, has attracted new businesses to New Mexico.