K-12 Outreach


CHTM hosts a large number of laboratory and facilities tours for local elementary through high school students. The potential future optics scientists and nanotechnologists are able to see the inner workings of CHTM’s clean room, laser laboratory, and MBE Growth Epitaxy laboratory, as well as the center as a whole. The students get a unique opportunity to look at the scientific research performed in their hometown. They also have a chance to conduct some experiments of their own with liquid nitrogen and everyday objects like flowers, water balloons, and rubber gloves. Most important, they get a sense of the possibilities open to them at UNM and in science and engineering.

CHTM has also been leading outreach programs to high schools students and teachers. For example, CHTM co-hosts an Outreach Activity Program with the School of Engineering, with a full-time coordinator (Stefi Weisburd). The three NSF ERC programs also provide support to high-school students. Over the past five years, CHTM has supported 36 high school interns. As for outreach to school teachers, CHTM is co-hosting an NSF Research Experience for Teachers, which was recently awarded in 2013 (PI: Stefi. Weisburd).

For more Information about the K-12 Outreach Program please contact:

Stefi Weisburd
Education & Outreach Mgr: SOE Deans Office