Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Manufacturer JEOL / Model JSMIT100

JSM-IT100 InTouchScope™

The JSM-IT100 scanning electron microscope (SEM) is manufactured by JEOL, a leading global supplier of electron microscopes, ion beam instruments, mass spectrometers and NMR spectrometers.

Novices as well as experienced users can quickly obtain high quality images using both secondary electron and backscatter imaging.

The JSM-IT 100 is a simple-to-use, versatile, research-grade SEM with a compact ergonomic design. It offers high resolution imaging and a range of acceleration voltages at both high and low vacuum modes. The JSM-IT 100 is a remarkably intuitive, high throughput microscope. Fast data acquisition makes imaging and analysis of samples a simple task.


The embedded JEOL EDS system with silicon drift detector technology now includes Spectral Mapping, Multi-Point Analysis, Automatic Drift Compensation, Partial area, Line Scan, and Mapping Filter functions. It provides fast sample navigation at anywhere from 5x – 300,000x magnifications.

No restrictions within reason.

To learn more about the JSM-IT 100, visit the JEOL USA webpage for specifications.