Graduate program in Optical Science and Engineering (OSE)

The Optical Science and Engineering (OSE) Program at UNM is jointly administered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy (PandA) and the ECE department. The OSE program offers courses in various aspects relating to theoretical and experimental optics, photonics and imaging, providing a versatile and flexible preparation in optics for future careers in science, industry and academia. OSE offers three concentrations for its MS and PhD degrees:

  • Optical sciences
  • Photonics; and
  • Imaging science.

Currently, 31 faculty members (from ECE/CHTM, Chemistry/CHTM, and PandA) participate in the OSE program by teaching OSE courses and supervising its more-than 60 graduate students. Approximately half of the graduate students are supervised by CHTM faculty and they perform their research and have their office space at CHTM. CHTM also provides subsidy to OSE in the amount of $4,200 per year in support of the OSE Seminar Series and certain administrative expenses. CHTM also provides office space to the OSE’s Program Adviser. At present, Prof . Majeed Hayat (Assoc. Director of CHTM) is the General Chair of the OSE program along with Co-Chair Prof. Mansoor Sheik-Bahae from Physics and Astronomy.