Bringing Back the Pack

CHTM is excited to announce that we have passed our Phase 1 and Phase 2 reopening and are allowed to operate in minimum capacity effective 7/13/2020. 

CHTM has resumed to normal business hours and the front office will be open from 8:00AM - 5:00PM. CHTM's front doors will remain locked at all times until further notice. Please be sure you have your swipe access card to gain entry to the building. If you are expecting a visitor, please wait for them to allow entry or ensure that front office staff have current contact information for you to be notified when a visitor has arrived.

For University guidlines on COVID policies, please visit:



Things to Remember

Mask or face covering wear is required.

Facility Entry is through the right-side doors.  Exit through the left, as you face the facility.  These are marked accordingly.  This supports protective distancing.

All spaces are marked with their allowable personnel capacities.  Max Pax 2 means no more than two people in the space.  While observing room capacities, also maintain 6 feet of distance.

CHTM has two temperature check stations and CGF has one.  These are for self-monitoring purposes.  You may also be asked to use one of these by faculty, staff, or a student.  These have been set up to be as touch-less as possible.  A degrees C to degrees F conversion chart is provided.  Green is good, yellow reflects a concern, and red means go home.

CHTM also has three hand-sanitizing stations, strategically placed about the facility.  One is immediately behind the door next to Room 105 - the door that it is unavoidable to touch.  Once through, you can sanitize your hands and go about your business.  The others are adjacent to a temperature check station.

All of this is non-negotiable.  Failure to abide by State, University, and this Center's guidance will be grounds for suspension of access privileges and will escalate from there for recidivism.


State executive orders are here:


Important Documents