Bringing Back the Pack

CHTM is excited to announce that we have passed our Phase 1 and Phase 2 reopening and are allowed to operate in minimum capacity effective 7/13/2020. 

Currently our front office operating hours are 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. CHTM's front doors will remain locked at all times until further notice. Please be sure you have your swipe access card to gain entry to the building. If you are expecting a visitor, please wait for them to allow entry or ensure that front office staff have current contact information for you to be notified when a visitor has arrived.

CHTM administrative staff are available during normal business hours via email and are alternating their presence in the office. Currently the schedule is as follows:

Monday Tamara Martinez
Tuesday Jessica Breckenridge/ Juliet Montoya
Wednesday Juliet Montoya/ Tamara Martinez
Thursday Karen Walker
Friday Jessica Breckenridge/ Juliet Montoya

Daily Screenings

Daily screening is required prior to arrival or immediately thereafter.  Electronic screening is preferred and shall be forwarded to  Paper screening exists as a back up and may be found in the lobby of the main CHTM building.


Lab Disinfection Kits

Each lab, that has been cleared to open, will have a Lab Disinfection Kit made available. The kits contain the following items:

Gloves (varying sizes) Pair 10
Hand Sanitizer Bottle 1
80% ethanol Spray bottle 1
Paper Towels Roll 1
Tissue Box 1
Disposable Masks Each 5


These supplies are provided strictly for disinfecting purposes and not to be used in research. If your kit is running low on supplies, refills must be coordinated with Front Office Staff between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Refills of gloves and masks will be provided as approved by CHTM Administration. PPE may be charged to federal awards as allowable research costs. Questions regarding this can be directed to Karen Walker.

Things to Remember

Mask or face covering wear is required.

Facility Entry is through the right-side doors.  Exit through the left, as you face the facility.  These are marked accordingly.  This supports protective distancing.

All spaces are marked with their allowable personnel capacities.  Max Pax 2 means no more than two people in the space.  While observing room capacities, also maintain 6 feet of distance.

Some locations  have a sign with the red circle and diagonal bar negation symbol and the word students.  No students are permitted in these spaces.  This includes all student offices, the computer pod, and selected labs.

CHTM has two temperature check stations and CGF has one.  These are for self-monitoring purposes.  You may also be asked to use one of these by faculty, staff, or a student.  These have been set up to be as touch-less as possible.  A degrees C to degrees F conversion chart is provided.  Green is good, yellow reflects a concern, and red means go home.

CHTM also has three hand-sanitizing stations, strategically placed about the facility.  One is immediately behind the door next to Room 105 - the door that it is unavoidable to touch.  Once through, you can sanitize your hands and go about your business.  The others are adjacent to a temperature check station.

All Labs Have Been Cleared to Open at Reduced Capacity

All restrictions applicable during Phase I (see below) remain in effect:


  1. Students must make contact with their PIs regarding their work schedules in the labs. 
  2. Students will enter the building if and only if (IFF) they are scheduled to work in their respective labs. 
  3. Students will then depart this facility at the end of their shift.  Work, research, study, and/or activity that can be performed elsewhere must be performed elsewhere. 
  4. Student office/cubicle spaces are off limits and are posted accordingly.  Post-docs in student spaces may continue using these areas.
  5. No social gatherings are permitted.
  6. No in-person meetings exceed 5 persons are permitted; such meetings as are allowable will be scheduled in advance in a conference room.
  7. All others should also limit their time here and adopt the philosophy that "if it doesn't have to be done here, I will get it done elsewhere."

All of this is non-negotiable.  Failure to abide by State, University, and this Center's guidance will be grounds for suspension of access privileges and will escalate from there for recidivism.


State executive orders are here:

UNM mandates are here:


Important Documents